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From our background in Conservation, Tours and Travel we have been privileged to experience some of the most authentic experiences that Africa can offer. Our hope is to provide the same authentic and magical experience on your safari. While this might take us off the well-beaten African Safari path, it will give you an adventure of your life

Safety First

If you visit Africa, safety and security is one of your biggest concerns. We know that and take extra precautions to make your stay blissful. We want you to enjoy this wonderful continent and we have taken this burden off your shoulders

Our Team

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Mountaineer and Safari Consultant
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Driver and Expert on Flora and Fauna


For Further Information Talk to Us

For Further Information Talk to Us

For Further Information Talk to Us

Our Commitment to Nature

At Comprehensive Kenya Safaris, we believe that responsible tourism is the key to preserving the precious wonders of the African wilderness for generations to come. We are proud to announce our dedication to environmental conservation with a pledge that goes beyond a mere safari adventure – We invite our guest, under the guidance of a park ranger to plant a tree on mount Kenya

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