Climbing Africa's Second Tallest Peak, Mount Kenya

Discover the thrill of conquering Mount Kenya, an awe-inspiring ascent with breathtaking views. Experienced guides, comfortable lodges, and unforgettable memories await.


Welcome to the ultimate adventure! Join us on a thrilling Mount Kenya climbing safari that will push your limits, ignite your sense of exploration, and leave you with memories to cherish forever. As you stand atop Africa’s second-highest peak, you’ll witness breathtaking vistas, experience diverse ecosystems, and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of East Africa.

Climbing Mount Kenya is an exhilarating journey that caters to both experienced mountaineers and adventurous beginners. Our expert guides, with their in-depth knowledge of the mountain and its routes, will lead you through lush forests, rocky terrains, and stunning alpine landscapes. Together, we’ll conquer technical challenges, overcome personal obstacles, and reach the coveted summit.

This is more than just a climb. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Mount Kenya. Encounter unique flora and fauna, from elusive wildlife to extraordinary plants found nowhere else on earth. Marvel at the jagged peaks, glacial valleys, and pristine lakes that adorn this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mountain Climbing Gear Personal Equipment

  • Sunglasses or snow goggles (a must)

    Water bottle (a must) you can adapt a plastic mineral water bottle into a reliable water bottle.
    Purification kits or tablets are highly recommended and can be purchased from any chemist.
    Torch or flashlight (a must, especially for pre-dawn hiking).
    Walking pole(s) (optional).
    Emergency foil blanket (optional).
  • Trekking Equipment

Rucksack: Big enough to fit all equipment you will need to be carried by a porter.
Day pack: To fit necessities required, while hiking from one point to the other.
Big polyethylene bag: To pack in clothes for protection against wet conditions.
Sleeping bag: Warm and not bulky bags are highly recommended.

  • Footwear

Walking boots with large grips are especially necessary at high altitudes, lightweight.
4 -8 pairs of woolen warm socks depending on your program. Sometimes you could adapt them as gloves during bad weather.

  • Clothing

Warm jumpers or woolen long-sleeved shirts.
2-5 depending on the number of days (1 or 2 t-shirts may come in handy).
Water-resistant warm jacket or ordinary heavy jacket doubled up with a raincoat.
Lighter jacket or tracksuit may come in handy during warmer spells.
Strong trousers preferably loose fitting ones.
Water-resistant trousers or leg gaiters if attempting a hike during the rainy season.
1 or 2 pairs of shorts that can be used at lower altitudes during good weather.
Gloves are extremely necessary above 4,000m when attempting a pre-dawn hike.
Mittens or woolen hats to cover the ears against strong winds.

When to climb Mount Kenya.

Best times for climbing Mount Kenya from any of the trekking routes are January to March and June to October but it can be climbed year-round. The rainy seasons typically occur in April, May and November. However, with the onset of climate change they have been difficult to predict in recent years.

Price Includes

  • Full-board accommodation in Mountain huts or a standard two-person tent and a standard camping mat on Mount Kenya with two persons sharing a tent.

  • Three meals every day and pretty of fresh fruits on the mountain;

  • Hot water, Tea, coffee, chocolate and three liters of water to each daily.

  • Park fees for citizens, Residents and non-residents.

  • Professional team services, including guides, cooks, and porters.

  • Airport pick up and drop off.

  • Hotel accommodations before and after the Mountain.

  • Transportation from and to Nairobi

Guide to our Routes

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Jessica From Usa
Jessica from USA
An Unforgettable Adventure!
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"My climb to Mount Kenya with Comprehensive Kenya Safaris and our guide Edward was beyond words. From the moment we started the ascent to reaching the summit, every step was filled with excitement and wonder. Edward's knowledge of the mountain and the surrounding nature was impressive, making the journey not only safe but also educational. The breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife encounters made this trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I highly recommend Comprehensive Kenya Safaris and Edward for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure in East Africa."
Marco From Italy
Marco from Italy
An Epic Expedition!
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"Climbing Mount Kenya with Comprehensive Kenya Safaris and our guide David was an absolute highlight of my travels. David's expertise and passion for the mountain were contagious, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and determination within our group. The challenge was well worth it, as we were rewarded with spectacular views and a sense of achievement upon reaching the summit. The personalized attention and care provided by Comprehensive Kenya Safaris made the entire journey seamless and enjoyable. For anyone looking to conquer new heights, I cannot recommend David and Comprehensive Kenya Safaris enough!"
 Lisa From Germany
Lisa from GermanyA Journey of Awe and Inspiration!
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"My climb to Mount Kenya with Comprehensive Kenya Safaris and our guide Edward was a life-changing experience. Edward's expertise and encouragement pushed us to conquer the mountain's challenges and embrace its beauty. The sense of accomplishment at the summit was overwhelming, and the bond formed with fellow climbers made it even more special. Comprehensive Kenya Safaris' dedication to sustainable and responsible tourism was evident throughout the trip. I am immensely grateful for this unforgettable adventure and highly recommend Edward and Comprehensive Kenya Safaris to anyone seeking an extraordinary journey in Africa."
Michael From Usa
Michael from USA
Beyond Expectations!
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"Climbing Mount Kenya with Comprehensive Kenya Safaris and our guide David was an adventure beyond my wildest dreams. David's expertise, patience, and encouragement were instrumental in helping our group achieve our goal. The route was diverse and captivating, offering stunning scenery and close encounters with unique wildlife. Comprehensive Kenya Safaris' attention to detail and commitment to the environment impressed me, knowing that our expedition supported conservation efforts. If you're considering a Mount Kenya climb, David and Comprehensive Kenya Safaris are the perfect choice for an unforgettable and responsibly guided experience."
A Triumph of Spirit and Nature!
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"My climb to Mount Kenya with Comprehensive Kenya Safaris and our guide Edward was an incredible journey of triumph and connection with nature. Edward's knowledge of the mountain's history and geology added depth to the experience. The sense of camaraderie among our group and the support from Edward made every challenge surmountable. Witnessing the sunrise from the summit was a life-affirming moment I will cherish forever. Comprehensive Kenya Safaris' commitment to conservation and community involvement made this adventure even more meaningful. Comprehensive Kenya Safaris exceeded all expectations, and I highly recommend them to all adventurers out there!"


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Travelling to Mount Kenya

There are several entry points to Mount Kenya, with Nanyuki and Chogoria being the most popular. You can reach these towns by road from Nairobi or other major cities in Kenya. For international travelers, flights to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) in Nairobi are available, followed by a road transfer to the mountain.

The best time to visit Mount Kenya is during the dry seasons, which are January to February and July to September. These months offer clearer skies and more favorable climbing conditions. However, Mount Kenya can be climbed year-round, so it ultimately depends on your preferences and the type of experience you seek.

Climbing Mount Kenya requires a moderate to high level of fitness, especially for summit attempts. Regular exercise and good cardiovascular health are essential. Prior hiking experience is beneficial, but our experienced guides will adapt the pace and itinerary to accommodate different fitness levels.

No prior climbing experience is necessary for the standard routes like Sirimon and Naro Moru. However, a basic level of fitness and mental determination are required. For technical routes like Batian and Nelion, previous climbing experience and technical skills are essential.

Proper clothing and equipment are crucial for a successful climb. Essential items include sturdy hiking boots, warm layers, waterproof clothing, gloves, a hat, a headlamp, and a sleeping bag suitable for cold temperatures. We provide a detailed packing list upon booking.

Yes, climbing Mount Kenya is generally safe. Our experienced guides are trained in mountain safety and first aid. We also follow strict safety protocols and monitor weather conditions closely to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our climbers.

There is no specific age restriction, but climbers should be in good health and have a reasonable level of fitness. Children under 16 years old may require special consideration and additional safety measures, and we recommend consulting with our team to discuss their participation.

Yes, most travelers to Kenya need a visa for entry. Check with the Kenyan embassy or consulate in your country for specific visa requirements and processing times.

Absolutely! Many travelers combine their Mount Kenya climb with exciting safari adventures in nearby national parks like Maasai Mara or Samburu. We offer tailored itineraries that allow you to explore Kenya's diverse wildlife and landscapes.

Our experienced guides are trained to recognize and manage altitude-related symptoms. If you experience mild symptoms, we will descend to lower altitudes to allow your body to acclimatize. In severe cases, we have evacuation plans in place to ensure your safety.

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